Dozens of White House officials & Trump appointees never got security clearance — like Jared Kushner, Rob Porter


Psst… he’s a crook.


I’m not even sure the FBI is the agency doing security clearances here. Usually that’s DoD related.


All the three letter agencies handle their own clearances. DOD clearances are different and less stringent usually. OPM handles the SF-86 for everyone. I don’t know who handles them for executive branch political appointees.




Now they’re adopting a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on domestic abuse.


Sounds about right. I haven’t been involved in that world in a few years, and I usually dealt with DoD for big stuff in their area, and Treasury for a background check once. I’d assume for executive, it’s mostly DoD or Homeland, given the information involved in briefings. And OPM, of course.

I doubt little, if any, has anything to do with FBI.


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