Biden transition team may take legal action against GSA for delay in recognizing that Trump lost election

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I was reading earlier that a lot of people get read into their high level clearances once this takes place.

Gee, I wonder why Trump might not want the Biden-Harris folks to get high level security clearances…?

And hmmm, what a coinkydink that this occurs as the SECDEF was “terminated” and word is flying that the heads of the FBI and CIA might be next…

It’s almost like, I dunno – Trump is worried about what kind of dossier may get handed over…? Naaaah…


dRumpf can’t stop the various dossiers from being handed over; I’m certain the various intel teams hate the current gang attached to the WH with a passion. It doesn’t mean there will be any public prosecutions or revelations.
Expect the intel community to continue compiling more dossiers/blackmail evidence to ensure that none of the dRumpf offspring can get anywhere in USian politics ever again.


You guys keep using the Scales of Justice image with Chase Bank logos added - probably need to make a note.


this does not actually sound like a good move

it’s offering 45 & co. a venue to argue the election is disputed in a context where they might win


If he’s worried about dossier leaks of a personal nature, seem foolish to get into an unnecessary pissing match.


Yeah, I didn’t realize that Trump basically controlled if Biden would get security briefings before he actually takes office. That’s quite serious. It leaves him seriously unprepared to take over, and that’s the point. There are probably tons of reasons why Trump wouldn’t want Biden to have access (knowing what mischief he’s up to right now among them), but I suspect Trump isn’t even thinking about any of that. He’s just being a petty little bitch who isn’t going to concede and is going to do whatever he can to burn down the house now that it’s not his.


Maybe the poor little guy has figured out that he is not the most loved soul on the planet. Given that he can’t be # ! loved he’s going for # 1 most hated primate on Earth. Relax little loser donnie, you already are # 1 most hated soul in the solar system you stinking cowardly tub of greasy shit


Biden is supposed to get a Protein Data Bank? Oh… Acronyms, acronyms…

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Ever since 2000, I’ve had a deeper appreciation of the difference between what’s legally required, vs what is merely customary.

I checked that previously mentioned github site again, and the votes are still being counted. It’s hella-unlikely, but still technically possible that the laws of probability could screw the pooch and Trump could take Pennsylvania…

So what if the GSA doesn’t want to take CNN’s word for it? It might be customary for the new president-elect to get security briefings by this time -I’m pretty sure Trump got them at this point(for all the good it did)…

But that’s all customary, not legally binding. When Trump took over the white house, he was so quick to fire anyone from the previous administration that they were having meetings in dark rooms -no one knew how to control the lights! I see no reason to expect a graceful transition from this clown.

Come January 20, I hope there’s still something worthwhile to transition to.


So, entirely on brand and even quite likely for Trump and the incompetent circus he surrounds himself with then?


“So what” is that the letter makes funding available for things like offices and staff and supplies. What the transition team can do in practical terms could be severely hampered by not having access to government resources to facilitate what is essentially government work.

Yes, technically the transition doesn’t HAVE to occur until noon on January 20th, but the closer we get to that date, the less the situation is like a hand-off and the more it’s like just dropping the baton and making the next guy double back to pick it up.


TeamTrump would have a hard job selling that to the court.

The GSA doesn’t declare the winner any more than the networks do. That’s up to the electoral college and Congress, but that’s December 14th & January 6th. For all TeamTrump’s ranting, currently there is only one person on the track to being President January 20th, and that’s not Trump. Unless and until they manage to overturn the result in a few states, it is what it is.


What’s going to happen to the high level security clearance computer where all his “secure” phone calls have been kept.


and what does that matter? without its 20 votes, biden would have 270. still enough to win

You may be correct, but I don’t know that there’s much value in underestimating known criminals’ criminal intent. I think he knows he’s screwed and might end up in prison, for all of the illegal things he’s done both in the past 4 years as President, and leading up to that. I think he knows the game is up once he’s out of office.


Doesn’t Biden still have his security clearance from his VP days? Was that revoked?

I suspect this trumpy tantrum will not have the effect he hopes it will. Biden, after all, spent 8 years as VP, and would have been involved and paying attention all that time, while trump spent all his time either at the golf course or on the twitter toilet, so doesn’t know a 10th about the presidency that Biden does.


Sort of. VPs, Presidents, and congresscritters generally do not have a traditional security clearance in the sense that other people do. Their access to the information is seen to flow from the constitution and is handled differently. That means that the power stays with the office when they leave, but their are specific statutory access permissions that former presidents and VPs get, like the ability to request documents under E.O. 13526 Section 4.4. The bigger issue is access for the rest of the administration which flows from the same process.

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So don’t get a Governor to sue for dissing the results? Don’t just say pretty please to the Rio Grand Management or and have the White House wall flooded at a convenient time to expedite? (Don’t mess with Texas, delist it.)

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Now that you point it out, I wonder if it was intentional (e.g. invisible hands on the scales).