Dramatically Awful Ohio Energy Legislation, Now with Veiled Incitements to Violence

in july the ohio legislature passed a bill which did three things–

  1. authorized surcharges on electric bills to subsidize 4 uncompetitive power plants, including two coal-fired plants, one of which isn’t even in ohio.
  2. reduces the renewable portfolio standard from 12.5% to 8.5% and eliminates the standard after 2026.
  3. the requirement that ohio utilities reduce their customers energy usage by 22% of their 2008 levels by 2027 can now be abandoned once the utilities achieve a 17.5% reduction in their customers energy use.

those interested can find details of that bill here–

this has proven to be so unpopular that a major petition drive is on to put a repeal measure on the ballot. a group calling themselves “ohioans for energy security” has an organization funded through dark money sources and are putting out media ads and direct mailings accusing the people collecting signatures for the ballot measure of working for chinese intelligence. no, really, check here–

the anti-petition group is using paid blockers to shadow the signature gatherers–

and would it surprise anyone to find out that there has already been a report of violence against a signature gatherer?


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