Draw a picture of parliament members as animals, go to prison for 13 years: Iran

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That will teach you to insult The Lawgiver, Brighteyes.

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So they’re really plants?


I often think of all law makers through out the planet in their under-ware.

Please show mercy!

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That, or protists. Probably protists.


Most politicians do not need help from journalists to make monkeys of themselves, but I am not knowledgeable about Iranian politics.

Well I just shared this hoping the Streisand effect also works in Iran…

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Translation: If enough not-important people really knew what we do behind closed doors, we’d be dragged out and beaten to death in the streets.

Note: not unique to Iran. Pretty much a global issue of entrenched DIPs (dicks in power).

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So could elections be called a DIP switch?
I’ll show myself out…


Perhaps as protest they should be sent multiple copies of Animal Farm.


Possibly. In a place where elections actually result in DIP-reduction. Can’t see that happening in the U!S!A!, but in Iran’s fragile, youthful “democracy” the DIPs may have more to fear from the electorate.

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