Drawing things in the nape of a sleeping otter's belly fur


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Etch-A- Sketch furry edition.


Since this is the internet and that is a cute animal, my main job here is to whip up some hysteria:

The otter was clearly drugged.
I find the drawings offensive.
Ruffling an otter’s stomach fur can be fatal.


Clearly a fetish video for Ottersexuals.


nape? neck? belly? - methinks you mean “nap” - raised hairs or threads on the surface of fabric or suede leather (or otter belly), in terms of the direction in which they naturally lie


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When they erased the drawings and the little arms went up, I honestly didn’t know if I could make it


This one nervously hovers over the canyon of “Why?” and “Why not?”


As someone who spent grade 8 home ec class matching the nap of the hideous corduroy skirt I was making, I concur.


i find all the comments in this thread that’s coherently ignoring how cute this is offensive to all cute things


I’m allergic to cats so if someone would like to get me an otter to draw on I’ll happily draw them a cute picture to say thanks.

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