Drink marketed at young has 6x the caffeine of coke

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Just an escalation of Jolt then? We had that in my high school and the machine was always sold out by noon.


A caffeine overdose really does not sound like a good way to go…


Do kids just not pop caffeine pills?

I remember the first time I had to pull an all nighter to get a paper done in college.

My last year in college it wasn’t too uncommon for me to stay up for two days straight and then sleep for like 12 hours. Holy hell, how did I do that?

I took classes the same semester that you weren’t supposed to do because of the time suck they required.


As a teenager I could sleep +10 hours without the all nighter. I think most of my college senior year I averaged 3 hours a night for 6 nights and then crashed with about 10 on a weekend night. I’m not sure if that was harder than working 3rd shift and staying up all of Friday so I could sleep that night and spend time with my wife on Saturday and Sunday.

Back a little more than 20 years ago I heard that “serious” students had moved on to your prescription ADHD uppers. Now as a mid 40’s adult I try and not indulge in caffeine too much, after a week of soda or coffee I start to feel like garbage.


Hope those youth enjoy the increased urination! That’s your reward for following idiotic influencers.


I was in school in the early 2000’s and everyone I knew used Adderall for all nighters.


I can still do that


I wasn’t one of the “cool” kids.

My young kids did not inherit a late waking hour. 7am is late for them, usually 6am. As they are getting older they let me and misses sleep in some.


The ease with which anyone under 30 seems to drink energy drinks these days is frightening to me. They seem to treat them as a normal drink, rather than as the emergency jolt of caffeine as which they were conceived.


Apparently PRIME has 200mg of caffeine which is 40mg more than a Monster or a Rockstar, or the equivalent of two Red Bulls. Considering the Mayo Clinic advises a healthy adult to not have more than 400mg of caffeine a day, I can imagine how someone would be concerned about children and teens drinking it.


I have a coworker that is 38 that just guzzles these and sodas all day long. Even he doesn’t expect to live past 60.

@beschizza, the headline is wrong…should be 6x the caffeine of a can of Coke or 2x a cup of coffee.


‘Cauldron of Caffeine’ sounds like the sort of coffee shop Boingboingers would hang out in.


Do kids just not pop caffeine pills?

When I was a junior in college. one of my chemistry major acquaintances told us how he’d stolen caffeine from the lab he’d worked at over the summer. He said his frat used it heavily before exams.

When I was a senior, numerous members of my acquaintance’s frat were arrested and charged for selling coke. I have to wonder if they weren’t cutting their coke with caffeine.

I don’t know if my acquaintance was caught up in the drug bust at all, and I’ve personally long been opposed to the drug war.


Anyone who has a kid understands the pain of this Andrew Tate-adjacent beverage marketing. My 13-year-old was obsessed with Prime and now my 8-year-old is begging for us to buy literally every flavor. Youtube and TiTok are major vectors. Anyway, it gives daddy a chance to talk to his boys about being respectful towards women, so I guess there’s that.


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Cynical packaging design confuses the caffeine-free hydration drink with the caffeine-loaded.

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Here advertising to children is not allowed. No problem. YouTube never gave a fuck about the actual law. They only switched out of cranking up the far right /christofascist American advertising (because local groups couldn’t do it) coming up to elections and referendums for the 2020 election. They gleefully broke that law right up until then and now that content is marketing and aimed at children on YT and TT we can expect a steady stream of bad outcomes to emerge in the coming decades.


Mine are 9 & 5 and the stark difference I see with them (compared to my wife and I as kids) is the influence of advertising. I will concede that it is much more “there”, especially in the case of YT putting ads into everything. Not to mention sponsored content… We have largely kept out kids at the outer reach of YT and they only vaguely know of TT. But they can become engrossed in even basic TV style ads to a frightening level. By the time I was 9 commercials were things you tuned out, went to the bathroom, or got something to drink (probably a 16oz glass of Mt. Dew.) Yes, they had some subliminal influence, but it wasn’t nearly as direct as what my kids exhibit today.

Marketing has been honing its tools for decades and the kids today aren’t prepared for it.


1992: had several afternoon exams in my finals. The lunchtime prep was 2 ProPlus washed down with 1 broon ale:

By the time I was opening the paper, the ale had calmed me down, and the caffeine was just kicking in for focus. Kind of Vodka RedBull way before it’s time…

Speaking of pure caffeine… I’ll pass:

Symptoms of caffeine overdose can include rapid or dangerously erratic heartbeat, seizures and death. Vomiting, diarrhea, stupor and disorientation are also symptoms of caffeine toxicity.