Drinking delicious warm brown coffee from Kim Kardashian's butt



Huffing Boing Boing

I am proud to say that the first time I have ever seen this person is in this video.


The Civits’ Union’s legal representatives will not let this pass unchallenged.


Picked the wrong cup - http://www.deviantart.com/art/Mouth-Cup-Inside-View-391146389


A full-bodied brew with a huge finish?


I’d say that’s a pretty fair representation of what that family has brought the world


What is it she does? Apart from put up with the eternally miserable Kanye West…


Surrender to the Dominion? Engage in Machiavellian political in-fighting? Superglue teaspoons to her forehead?


Bookmarking this in case my doctor ever tells me that I have to give up coffee.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.


*has a sip of coffee *
*reads headline *
*puts coffee down *
*feels a little bit queasy *


The funniest thing was the Keurig overlay in-video ad that appeared just as the coffee started to flow.


Completely juvenile in the best possible way.


Somewhere, a civet is updating his resumé.


As a fan of coffee and a fan of butts, I heartily approve this video.


Got to have a Jones for this, Jones for that
This running with the Joneses boy…
Just ain’t where it’s at
You gonna come back around
To the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown


If that doesn’t work, try the tubgirl coffee.


And here I thought if Kim was in BB it was because Jean-Paul Goude recreated his pose from a book titled “Jungle Fever”. Instead it’s in the form of a poop joke.


@ JeremiahC. Boz!!!


I’d like to know in what kind of office this is considered SFW…