Drinking heavy water


Distilled water is mildly acidic, though, isn’t it? Pure water is neutral by definition, but distilled water tends to be exposed to air, which has carbon dioxide… the carbon dioxide dissolves in the water, making a weak carbonic acid solution, giving it a pH below 7. I mean, the pH is probably, like, 6.5 or something, so it wouldn’t be sour, but it probably wouldn’t be sweet either.


GI Joe warned me that the spots in the ocean with heavy water were guarded by giant Tube Worms


Well, I’ve seen nothing that proves they AREN’T guarded by giant tube worms, so let’s go with that…


A colleague who distributes 18O water (the other “heavy” water), had a lady inquire about getting some because she thought that it might have some special health properties… Probably would be a much more lucrative market than cyclotron facilities.



I only drink 3H2O.


Where’s the imprecision? It is the extra neutrons in the deuterium that give heavy water its greater weight, isn’t it?


it would! but only in the Moses sense (good reference, BTW), which is the type of sweetness he’s referring to in the video.


You’re totally right - I was conflating two things. Distilled water tastes “clean” (as in, no sense of aftertaste), not sweet - my error. So we’re down to just the deuterium water pH then…


You’d die if you tried to replace your regular water habit with heavy water. A little of it won’t do you much harm, though, since there’s already heavy water in the regular water on Earth, and your metabolism can cope with that:


I saw a documentary about heavy water just recently.


What about that “lite water” that has zero calories?

I’m trying to lose weight, I sure as hell ain’t drinking no “heavy” water!


What about Heavy Metal? According to the video it looks like Heavy Water is linked to bad hair problems too …


And in any given gravitational field, the extra mass gives rise to a commensurate increase in weight.

I don’t know what that guy is exercised about either. I wish I knew, because I love to be a nitpicking prick. I’d join right in if I knew what about.


3H218O or GTFO!


And never forget Johnny.

Johnny was a chemist’s son
But Johnny is no more.
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.


7H224O goes fast around here.


I’ll have some D2O too…


No no, you will die, if you drink enough of it. Too much water is poisonous, heavy or not.


The dose makes the poison.


A man walks into a bar and says “I’ll have some H2O!” The barman puts a full glass down in from him and the man drinks it down.

The man standing next to him says “I’ll have some H2O too!” He drinks the glass the barman puts in front of him and dies.