Gentleman drinks water trapped in a rock for 2 million years


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Probably safer than the giardia-infested Live Water crap.

  1. “Who knew quartz was so hard.” Uh - everyone? Its usually a 7 on the Moh’s scale.

  2. Geology is the one science where “Can you taste it?” is sometimes, “Yes.”


Let me tell you a little about pathogens & bacteria…


Will they ever learn?


Do you want Andromeda Strain? This is how you get Andromeda Strain!


With little more science they get hemoglobin out too?


Anthropology and paleontology too. Lick it and stick it.


Chemistry too. Sometimes you can taste just once.


Next: marketing it.


Works for space exploration too


Gastroenterology comes to mind…*

Honestly, I think the list of sciences where the answer to “Can you taste it?” is, “No.” would be the shorter list.

*I know that’s not meeting the strict definition of “a science,” butt still.





There’s a thing circulating.


What if he accidentally drank the last surviving specimen of Thompson’s lesser fairy shrimp or something?


I think we learned more about the taster than the rock water.


Chemistry: If you insist on licking the science go be a chef


That’s what I was looking for, lol.


Can you imagine how much they would pay for it?