Driver run over by her own car, given ticket

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Guess I’m old school. I never leave the car without engaging both Park and the brake.

Don’t really like the new electric parking brake that operates on a switch. With the foot or hand brake, you knew that it was engaging because you had feedback as you were doing it. The electric brake mean you have to look down (mine is on the center seat console) and make sure the light is on after you use the switch. Occasionally, I don’t pull up far enough on the switch for it to trigger, in which case, having it in park saves the car from rolling.


That’s odd. I’m guessing she couldn’t have insured the car either.

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Okay, I guess one could fault her for damaging the other vehicle, but it’s unclear if she was on her own property or the public street.

I hate electronic handbrakes too. But I have to have my foot on the brake pedal to engage it and I can feel it kick in when I press the button.

One business I’ve worked at for 30+ years had a tech that was a fixture, he was there for decades. He came back to the shop in a company pickup truck got out and forgot the whole put it in park thing.

It immediately rolled into the canal. Did I mention this was a marina?

With out missing a beat the guys got the heavy equipment at lifted it out.

He was a good friend and passed away a few years ago but we got to tease him about it for years.


Surprised they didn’t charge her with ‘assault with a motor vehicle’ or some such.

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Perfect example of “adding insult to injury”.

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