Drivers are successfully not dying in their Ford-made vehicle, thanks to this one simple trick


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Ford stood for “Found Off Road, Dead.”

Fancy Oil Releasing Device


some of the bolts that they used to attach the steering wheels to the steering column were shit. Ford’s solution to the problem is to replace these bolts with ones that aren’t shit.

You and your overly-technical jargon…


Fix Or Repair Daily.


I’m driving a Ford right now.


Really? Get off your phone and drive!

As for me, I’m one-quick-tricking right now. Yay!


I type with my toes. Satisfying and gratifying at the same time.


Oh, you and your kinky boots!


Jealous jelly?


Alas, I must confess. My tendency toward footwear envy has been found out. :disappointed:


They may make decent cars today, I wouldn’t know. I do know my 84 Mustang was constantly breaking down and being recalled. I don’t expect I’ll buy another one.


Fix Or Repair Daily


“So, yeah: if you’re driving one of the effected vehicles”
Please no one get mad at me for this I hope but I think it would be an affected vehicle not an effected vehicle.


(Bugs me too, but that’s such a common typo that I think they’re pretty much interchangeable by now.)


Ford’s solution to the problem is to replace these bolts with ones that aren’t shit. Why they didn’t use ones that weren’t shit in the first place is anyone’s guess, but here we are.

Probably because they ordered them from a 3rd party and didn’t realize they were shit. Or not all of them were shit, just one batch, but you have to recall all of them just to make sure.


I was annoyed by that, too, but I’m probably wrong for it. @SeamusBellamy is a professional writer, so I assume he knows the difference and was actually referring to whistle tips.

also, since we’re doing car acronyms, Fiat means


I’ll put my money on the third party supplier… Outsourcing seems to remove the last vestige of personal responsibility, accountability, and pride in one’s work.


First On Race Day?

(GT40 FTW)


I have a friend who worked at a steel company. He said he’d never buy an American-made car.

His reasoning?

Their orders from the Japanese manufacturers specced the high end steel. Their orders from the American manufacturers specced the low end steel.

If they were cutting corners at that level, you know they are cutting corners everywhere.


Perhaps he means one of the vehicles effected by the faulty-bolt-using factories, rather than one of the vehicles affected by the faulty-bolt problem? (Not likely, but still?!?)

I used to get so annoyed when people said, “effect is a noun and affect is a verb.” Both are both nouns and verbs, they just mean different things.