Drone carrying cellphones, drugs, hacksaw blades crashes at Oklahoma prison

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Should have camouflaged it as a cake…


Officials in Oklahoma claim to have halted the first attempt in the state to smuggle contraband into a prison with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

The first attempt that failed badly enough to be discovered, anyway.


Yeah, and they didn’t really halt anything. The razor wire that the operator crashed into did that for them. They found the crashed copter, that’s it. Bang up job, fellas.


my thoughts exactly. they have stopped nothing. it is very unlikely this was the first delivery attempt.

all they did was stumble upon the first delivery that crashed due in no part to anything they did, and they act like they are hero’s for stopping something they had no idea was even happening. ace detectives alright!

Heroin I can see but Newport Cigarettes? Horrible!


If they think this is the first attempt to smuggle things into a prison with a UAV, they’re severely underinformed.

People have been doing this with R/C model airplanes, balloons, and R/C blimps for years now.

And, yeah, this is just the first one these particular prison officials happened to catch.

I’d give long odds it’s not even the first quadcopter delivery to that prison - they just didn’t notice the previous ones.

lol? The prison staff is so miserable that they deserve praise for noticing a not-that-small quadcopter on the ground?


I always thought that was the best scene of the film, forget the war-room and the phallic bomb-dive.

On the other hand…Vegas? I once heard Vegas aptly described as Monte Carlo rebuilt by white trash. As an east-coast-raised kid who went to college in SoCal, I traversed Vegas many times. Only thing I ever found there worth my time was Cirque du Soleil. But the tickets were definitely less than 100 dollars in rubles :wink:


Well, they did specify in the state. (So it seems they’re aware of the attempts/successes in other states.) As you say, what’s not mentioned is that this is merely the first in the state that they know about. And they only know about it because it crashed and was still sitting there…

“I applaud and commend the quick action and diligence on the part of the staff who completely failed to notice the UAV flying into the prison in what may have been the last of a number of trips…"


Well, the line originally said “Dallas,” but after JFK’s assassination it was re-dubbed. They may have picked Vegas simply because it was a reasonably close fit.


Fascinating. I never knew that!

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