Drone drug delivery at prison spurs yard fight

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So, any bets: actual attempt to deliver goodies to a friend/business associate/etc. on the inside; or a creative attempt by the wonderful people behind reality TV to scrape the bottom of the barrel a little further by capitalizing on the fact that there are conveniently not-going-anywhere populations who can be expected to fight like animals for your amusement if provided with a fairly inexpensive shipment of drugs?

I would expect the former; but the latter seems chillingly plausible in theory: a drone or two with good optics stationed to get the footage, a burner drone to drop the goods; and you’ve got a better-than-Cops sequence of people that the public mostly dislikes brawling all ready to be edited and sent out; total cost of production under $10k!


Why? Do prisoners want illegal drugs for some reason? Why don’t they just say no?

Wasn’t there that series of experiments where they radically modified rats’ appetite for heroin just by putting them either in comfy habitats or tiny barren cages?

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Google “Rat Park.”

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One thing that makes people happy and two things that make people sick or nervous when they are not using them. Hmm.

Next, drone drop some loaded guns.

The first report I saw on this said the fight was instigated just before the delivery to draw the attention of the authorities away from the drone. I can totally see how contraband from heaven might spur the fighting, and wouldn’t require clockwork precision in timing.

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If it was a set up then there would be no need for actual drugs. Bunk would get the job done.

Here is what happened. One gang had arranged for a drop, and they probably attempted to take the yard but either the drugs got dropped away from their area of control or a rival gang got word of the drop and made a play for it.

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