Drone flyovers of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle

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When I was a kid a hurricane passed through our suburb, and while it turned out to not be so serious everyone still hunkered down in their houses. When the eye passed over I snuck out and rode my bike around town. I even went up an on-ramp onto the expressway, four lanes of room for me and my bicycle, no cars in sight. Pretty surreal.


Both my work building and apartment building made it into the video. I should send this video to my parents since neither has ever visited. Grumbles: They can fly all over the US visiting people but a 3 hour drive is too much.


Austin TX checking in:


In my 'hood, the birds seem to be absolutely loving the light traffic. I get the feeling they’re gonna hate it when this shit is over.

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There may be some cars out where you are in the valley, but where I am in mid city, figure just east of Pico Fairfax, things continue to be dead quiet on the streets.
There’ve been flurries of cars here and there, but mostly I see the Santa Monica bus lines streaming by more than half empty, and they’re offering free rides.
Lots of pedestrians though. Bikes and walkers.
On Pico, just about the only businesses open are auto body shops, liquor stores and (phew) dispensaries. The couple of eateries daring to open are just dead.
It took many years after the rioting to have this area rebound, and it feels like economic tragedy is just around the corner for mom, and for pop.
Stay well Boingers.

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They did one of these for Ottawa as well but I am convinced it is photoshopped or something because you go to any live traffic cam in Ottawa any time of the day or night and it doesn’t look like this
busy as xmas
but they managed to get this spooky footage of a deserted Ottawa?!?!?

I don’t buy it

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Stop. Look. Listen.
Things are quite now

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