Drone pilot spots man sunbathing atop 200-foot-tall wind turbine


Hey, that’s my old high school, the Portsmouth Abbey and Priory! Used to all boys, now it’s coed. That’s probably one of the monks up there; apparently one of them climbs up there every morning to pray at sunrise.


Mister Rogers explains:


“The ‘persons’ motions don’t seem natural” could become the next “I can tell by the pixels that it is a fake” meme.


Yeah - I was gonna say, if it was me up there, there’d be no clothes.


“Daily Mirror” is more of a hint it ain’t real. I don’t buy it.


Gentleman uses his remote controlled drone to harass people in places where they might very reasonably expect some privacy, thank you.

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Funny, I was thinking the same thing, about both ideas expressed here: a) it looks fake and b) I can tell from some of the pixels


Drone not owned by Microsoft or government, so this is okay. Right?

(Also probably fake, so certainly okay.)


Apparently not fake. Looks like this is Brother Joseph having his private time invaded by some guy with a drone.


I am surprised they give him access. If the school had an electricity substation would the monks have the keys too?


Oh god, how can he bare to be up there? Surely he’s suffering:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nervousness
  • Fear
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sleeplessness
  • Other generic symptoms


Tell me again why we aren’t allowed to blast these pests from the skies?


That’s a bit harsh, he was just trying to find a peaceful place to relax. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could try this one though:


Only someone like myself and, apparently, you, who went to Catholic school would have cracked that one… thanks for the chortle!


On the contrary, like many of us who enjoy great heights, perhaps he’s feeling peace, calm, solitude, contentment, wonder, awe and enjoyment at the spectacular view that few have the pleasure of experiencing that high in the open.
Until the drone, that is.
He may then start to feel some of the symptoms you describe, I’d imagine.


No rails, and the thing slants, and it’s 200 freaking feet off the ground.

Just looking at him up there makes me a bit dizzy. I can’t even begin to comprehend how someone could want to do that.


Being that high up with what appears to me to be not a single goddamn thing to grab onto, I’d be pretty much paralyzed.

I would probably be fine climbing up to the hatch, but you wouldn’t find me climbing up out of the hatch so that I’d have nothing to hold onto/be roped into.

I’m fine with heights, but I’m very much not fine with precipices and no railings. In fact I’m pretty sure the only thing about heights that scares me is the strong and unignorable impulse to throw myself off the precipice when I encounter it. The height isn’t what’s scary. What’s scary is that I have ADHD and have a difficult time controlling my impulses as it is, and a precipice always sparks an insane and almost hypnotic urge to jump.


Yeah then there is all the moving parts inside the turbine, high voltages, noise hazards. You can see that the weather is quiet but I wonder why he has access if its not his job to maintain the thing,


I toured a windfarm in eastern Washington last summer. As I remember, the gearing and moving parts were very compact. For a turbine of the size in this video it looked like all the moving parts were about the size of a V-8 truck engine, and then the transmission lines came out the back. He’d probably not have to worry about spinning mechanical transmissions etc. to get pinched with, but the live lines probably would be right there, visible from the ladder.

Those blades are amazingly light for how massive they are volumetrically, which makes perfect sense. You’d want the lightest blades possible so that the smallest air currents could push them around. They had a demo blade just sitting out front of their facility, and my dad and I could lift it between the two of us with some effort even though the blade was about 50 feet long.


Why would you assume that it’s NOT his job to maintain the turbine?