Drought exposes village long-submerged by dam

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So that’s where that went, glad we found it.


How now, Brown Drough?


I liked “Drough” better and was imagining a Lovecraftian creature.


Did someone leave the water running on that triangle shaped bath? fountain? What is that water bill gonna be?


The sad irony of this depleted reservoir and its magical spout, no way in hell it’s going to fill it back up.

Anyone who has read The Fisherman by John Langan knows you should stay the hell away…

I seem to remember a British (?) movie where a crime was committed in a village that was about to be flooded to create a reservoir. Years later the water level dropped exposing the village and the crime.


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That sounds very similar to this movie, but I don’t recall any crime being covered up by the flooding…

I saw it in the theaters many years ago and it struck me because it was the only film that I had ever seen that was a Romance (in the sense that the term is used to describe the literary movement of the mid-nineteenth century).

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Reminds me of similar plot devices in Deliverance and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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I don’t think Northfork has any crime/coverup aspect but just takes place in a town that’s going to be flooded. I really liked that film though.

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