Low water level exposes body dumped in Lake Mead

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In unrelated news, Brita stock rose by 17%.


Waiter, there’s a body in my Mead.


[Lake Tahoe has entered the chat]


And just like that Las Vegas–based crime families became some of the most outspoken activists fighting climate change.


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Wow, I’m the first one to post Jimmy Hoffa, the truth is out there.


The timing is about right, but given that he disappeared in Detroit about 2000 miles away that would be some really impressive obfuscation on the part of the folks ditching the body. I mean Lake Erie was right there.


Ok, interesting point, but if it turns out to be Hoffa, I want the credit.


i’ll be happy to give you my official hoffa nft. if only i can find it


expect to find more lost souls

No, we should expect bodies, which have given up their souls.

When an aircraft declares an emergency, controllers will often ask how many “souls on board”. The pilot responds with a head count of living people. If the aircraft is carrying any dead people, those don’t count.

I’m not going to get into the theology, but you mean “bodies”.

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If they expect to find more bodies, the investigators in the area know they should right now before someone goes and tampers with the evidence locate and remove under chain of custody all the barrels. If a criminal knows there’s evidence, however degraded and obscure, about to literally come to the surface, they are going to take steps to destroy it, especially if they’ve been watching too much CSI. Even if right now we have no way of turning a lump of cracked cement holding a decayed body into a conviction, even just IDing the remains would bring closure to a family and scare the bejesus out of someone, somewhere.


Lake Erie is pretty shallow near Detroit. Lake Huron would’ve been a better choice. Nonetheless, the FBI ritually digs around at some random farm in the western or northern exurbs every summer. :woman_shrugging:


What happens in Vegas gets dropped into Lake Mead.


Sounds like they should stake then out instead, if you really think the criminals are coming back


Ya don’t say…


Orchard Lake and Cass Lake are deeper than the west basin of Lake Erie and only a few miles from where Hoffa was last seen…


Huron is quite deep in the shipping lanes, and they could’ve easily “snuck” out there in the annual chaos known as the Port Huron to Mackinaw sailing race. Soooo many drunk boaters in this century, I don’t even want to think about how crazy race day was in the 70’s.

[edt] Most of the FBI’s expeditions since I moved here in '95 have been concentrated in Salem, Northville or Plymouth Townships, not exactly close to Orchard or Cass Lake, but not terribly far off Pontiac Trail.


There are a surprising number of “body dumps” around. Often in not particularly out of the way places. Somewhat famously part of the Meadowlands in NJ, right off the highway and minutes from NYC.

For another one I dunno if anyone’s heard of the Gilgo Beach killer. But part of the complicated and messy coverage and speculation around that one is that it turns out that Gilgo was a pretty popular body dump. And it’s one of the most famous surf breaks in the US, one of the North East’s most heavily trafficked beaches. It’s on a barrier Island less than a mile off the most densely populated corridor in the North East. And the bodies were found yards from a highway that’s really heavily trafficked in the summer. Quite close to occupied beach houses.

The bodies were only found as a result of search for a person who disappeared in the area. Many had been there for years. Undiscovered by virtue of being in the dunes, where people don’t go.

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