Timelapse of houses being swept away in massive Alaska river flood

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Juneau officials said there is little they can do to prevent future glacial flooding.

Probably because of this:


“Left a good job in the city,
workin’ for the man every night and day…”


Also, man, those trees were helping hold the bank together. When they started to go, it was all over.

They may want to put rocks or something at other locations by the river to keep the banks intact, but then again that much water probably wouldn’t have a problem moving rocks.

I bet when the water goes down, the panners will be out there!


“Can you imagine watching that happen to your home knowing there’s nothing that can save it?”

Can you imagine building your home outside the flood plain?

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A few years ago, an uncle of mine was contemplating buying a house right on a stream, and all I could think was, “Given climate change, that’s probably a disaster waiting to happen.” I wonder if there are any waterways that don’t now have a risk of catastrophic flooding*. I also wonder if one can really know which ones those are, if there are any.

*The ones instead being dried out by climate change? (Though maybe not even those…)


For those of us blocked from the WaPo article:

There is a USGS camera on “Glacial Lake 2”, also called “Suicide Basin”. Here’s the USGS time lapse of it starting to fill in mid-May. It starts to drain on July 30th and then really drain quickly on August 4th to 6th, the latest image.

This article notes that the drop in the level in the basin can be 50m!

Via this, which has got a lot more info on glacial melting than I wanted to know today… :cry:

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