Drug catapult found attached to Arizona-Mexico border fence


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The Wall just got six feet lower.


Of course! What’s a War on Drugs without siege equipment?


Can they legally shoot you if you just sit on top of the wall without actually setting foot on the US side? I seem to remember the movie Cape Fear alleging that such activity didn’t technically qualify as trespassing.



Our beautiful wall. Just the best wall. Twelve… NO twenty feet tall. Many people are saying its the greatest wall. Will have sensors. The cyber sensors. Catapult sensors. People are saying its revolutionary. And we’re designing it now. For the cyber.


Punkin Chunkin’ just got more interesting.


Yeah but that’s the old wall. Wait until you see the new wall!


Presumably in part for this reason(and the whole ‘river’ problem in some areas); much of the various border barrier stuff is set some distance from the actual border, entirely on the US side.

This doesn’t necessarily do much for the value or utility of the land stuck being used as buffer zone; but it does mean that you have already crossed the border if you are in a position to start poking at the fence.


I look forward to that day, very soon, when the best catapults in the world are once again made in the US of A.


Instead of chunkin’ the punkin now we’re saving it for pie.


Why can’t I find 47 pounds of weed… sigh


On the US-Mexico border, pumpkin bakes you.


Yes! Innovation!


just drive that old chrysler down to the border of Mexico



This is just some silly weed farmer trying to smuggle their stuff home using innovative means.

The real smuggling happens either over sea routes, or underground in very long, very well built tunnels.


The tricky bit for immigrants will be the size of the net needed on the northern side.
They need to consult Scott Atkins


47 pounds of weed doesn’t just fall from the sky, you know!




Weed? The bales they found were just a coincidence.

This is really for smuggling baby rapists and criminals over the border!

(the sad thing is that if the media reported that Mexicans were shooting “anchor babies” over the border there are a lot of dumbasses that would believe it.) “well how else are they supposed to get across the border?”