Drug dogs find vending machine packed with heroin, fentanyl, an assault rifle, and other products

Originally published at: Drug dogs find vending machine packed with heroin, fentanyl, an assault rifle, and other products | Boing Boing


A different state, but same crazy times:
Texas Governor Abbott Approves Use of Vending Machines for Firearm Sales

and bullets too (prohibition based on age? court order? established mental state? waiting period? bah! -sigh-)





Is that a movie? It’s a beautiful frame


It’s from Wes Anderson’s new movie Asteroid City. I saw it yesterday and liked it very much


Ooooh cool. Adding to must see list now.


they were stashing it there, I guess. certainly the case for the rifle, but the post is ambiguous as to whether the machine actually vended the drugs.

at the record store I once worked at, we were in a really bad area. the Greyhound station was one of our closest neighbors. we toyed with the idea of getting a coke machine for the parking lot, filling it normally except leaving one button blank or “out of order,” and filling the corresponding slot with beer cans. we were on a name basis with all of our neighbors, so we could have easily spread it around via word of mouth, but the shop folded not long after we got the idea. we probably wouldn’t have done it anyway for a variety of reasons, but we sure did talk about it a lot.
it would be trivial for the op perpetrators to obtain empty cans, jam a bag of drugs into the mouth, and set the machine to charge market value, but maybe more of a headache than it’s worth. probably just stashed there, but I want to believe.

edit: clarity


given everything about the la sheriff’s department, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was their own break room.


I saw the trailer - it looked very good. Really loved the color palette.

So was this a drug dealers “hide in plain sight” stash?

Vending machines have a fair amount of room in them. They could even be “working” and have room for drugs. Not that it vends drugs, but you unlock it and swing open the face to access the storage inside.

I saw some video somewhere of someone who made a safe with a vending machine door, but that looked to be more of a rich person novelty.


I’m sure this was a scene in Ready Player One (the book; it didn’t make it to the movie.)
I can imagine someone jonesing for a soda, the machine failing to dispense one, and them pushing over the machine trying to jostle loose the ‘stuck’ can. Popcorn!

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Best. Claw game. Ever.


The gunvending machine is :onion: equivalent.

Sadly, the bullet one isn’t.

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Yeah I would guess this machine was just always out of order…but in a good location. Only those with the key could access it…


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