The armored security trucks that transport and literally launder Colorado's pot money




I’m guessing armored pot-cash car robbery within 3 months. Any takers? I’m giving 5-2 odds.


You have to be pretty ballsy and/or stupid to try to rob an armored car.


I, too, have seen “The Town.”


I haven’t! To the googles!

Edit - Eww. A Ben Aff-flick.


Its a great Ben A-flick. Though the sister could do with subtitles (she’s got a thicker accent than Brad Pitt in “Snatch”).


Dat wagon is da dope!


Did he take you in an uncomfortable place?


Like the back of a Volkswagen?


A note to the ignorant people who designed the map shown at the end of this video. Just an FYI: OR is NOT the abbreviation for Washington state. It is 2014 and people still don’t know where Oregon and Washington are on a map? Based on their poor fact-checking skills I would caution all the dispensaries: Don’t assume your money is being properly counted, handled, or secured. They might be skimming with all those loose bills flying around (some is probably getting "lost"in the dryer, or being shipped to some other mythical state in the union).



First off, BB got the quote wrong, “There are more dispensaries in Denver than there are is Starbucks.” My inner pedant groaned when he said it…
I have to give the guy some credit, though, in that there would certainly be people looking to rip off a shipment of weed or to hold up a store for their cash (assuming the thieves knew the cash was onsite). And once the banks are able to accept weed sale cash, he’s still got a transport system for grower-to-seller movement of product.


What happens when federal agents try to stop one of these?


Hmm, I usually like the heist movie genre., but I found it really difficult to sympathize with Affleck’s character. I saw him as a brutal man.

(I think it’s a matter of style-- the characters in Casino or Goodfellas are at least as despicable as those in, say The Bank Job, but The Bank Job rubs your face in it).


Lighten up, Francis.


If Up In Smoke is any indication they end up smiling like idiots and asking if they can have a bite of your hot dog.


I liked The Bank Job. How about Inside Man?

Didn’t they rob an armoured truck in Heat?


Loved Inside Man. And yes, the characters in Heat knocked over an armored Car.

I tend to go more for the classic Jewel thief movie


I rather liked that aspect in “The Town”; that they didn’t make out the robbers to be cheeky rascals. I also liked the different setting with the Boston Irish.; and I love to watch Pete Postlethwaite “do” an accent (this one is quite a mad as his role in “The Usual Suspects”).


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