"Drug Recognition Experts" mistake sobriety for drug use

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Cops don’t make mistakes…that’s just how stoned those folks were. They didn’t even realize they weren’t stoned


I was under the impression that Dre was on the other side of the War on Drugs.


  1. Accuse everyone of being high.
  2. Be right sometimes out of pure luck. Forget about all the other times.
  3. Congrats, you’re an expert now!

It appears that they have trained actually been trained to detect melanocytes; no doubt not the intention of the program…


I see what you did there…


I swear to god my art teacher in high school got high 20 years ago and never came down. Like some day I expected him to suddenly blink a lot and then start talking in a normal tone and cadence and say, “Man what a trip.” He just spoke softly and slowly like he was stoned but I think that was just him.


There will always be a market for this kind of “training.” How to tell if those brown people are “illegals.” How to tell if those hippie kids are no damn good. How to tell if somebody else’s daughter was “just asking for it.” Buy the bumper sticker - that way the police will know you’re a good guy.


I watched one of the local tv news reports on this, and it’s crazy. The company behind this training has actually convinced these police departments and officers that they’re techniques and methods are more effective than a clinical drug test. They’re official response to the complaint filed by those wrongfully arrested was that they still believe them to be guilty, that the drug tests and judge were wrong, and the officers assessment was correct. This just blows me away.

Edit: I just noticed I typed “They’re” when it should have been “Their”. I promise I’m not stupid. Ugh.


Maybe when these cops are getting tazed for harassing people, they’ll believe that they are really breakdancing. Wooo! My man is workin’ it!

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That sounds like a cult. The departments are financially and emotionally invested in these practices/beliefs, so there’s no telling them that they are wrong. It’s like faith healers turned magical “drug detectors.”


I don’t, but I can’t see colour.

At school, people used to ask me to get them drugs. I was like, “I wish I was cool enough to know how to get drugs!”


Witch-Sniffer Gagool has an envy.

It appears that DRE training is a way to ‘allow’ police officers to arrest you for breathing with dilated pupils. You know, for those occasions when you really should be arrested but they aren’t creative enough to make up some shit that’s actually plausible.

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Which is ever so much fun for those of us with anxiety and/or movement disorders.

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If you don’t tell 'em which drug, it’s also obstruction of justice, sure why not, and continuing to metabolize it like that is willful destruction of evidence. Also you were clearly loitering with intent. Also, just to make the docket more fun, they are going to accuse you of barratry, on the grounds that nobody knows what that is so you might be guilty, and the possibility of guilt implies its certainty because even if you aren’t guilty of barratry under Admiralty or common law, then you are wasting police time with your inconvenient innocence.



I mean, is not all lost. They can still declare any cars or cash sized guilty in civil forfeiture, even if the human is innocent!

Just high?

[I can’t tell, my DRE training isn’t until next week.]

Whew! I dodged a bullet there!

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