Drumming in sync to Boomhauer


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Dang 'ol Boomhauer, mang…


He’s all flam paradiddle ratamacue, I tell you what.


There’s this too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InbaU387Wl8






I tell you hwat if that don’t sound jus like my step-grandaddy Daddy Hoyt. He would always say hwat.

*true story outta Ken-tucky


Fun/sad fact: Tom Petty played Lucky for 28 episodes…



Not Bad !
There’s this one. You need to speak dutch and know who Louis van Gaal is though.




If The Rock ever runs for president David needs to provide constant theme music for him. Every hero needs theme music.


Do yourself a favor (or disfavor maybe) and open the video in multiple tabs, waiting a few seconds before launching/starting each.


The Spock infinity mirror of in sync drumming.


I don’t know either but I still think it sounds remarkable!


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