Funk, Drums, or Both



  • Bring The funk
  • Bring the drums
  • Or: Bring both



Now I’m gonna dump all my KJ Sawka stuff here :smirk_cat:

KJ ain’t exactly funky, but he is technically magnificent.


I’d like to see both, but I’m happy with either or. :slight_smile:


Well. I mean, funky drums, let’s go back to the roots


I brought some drums.

Gene Krupa > Buddy Rich > Animal > Harry Belafonte


Drummer friend of mine turned me on to Jojo Mayer—some showy, virtuoso, how-is-he-even-doing-that stuff.


I’ll always bring drums.


funny you should ask, I saw this mf’er at the supermarket yesterday

I’m not really into metal but obvs he’s a pretty insane drummer.







Stevie Wonder - Superstition



The Meters - Cissy Strut

There’s really an embarrassment of choice when it comes to great songs by the Meters


Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul


Well as long as we’re all doing songs sampled by Public Enemy, I’ll kick in James Brown - Funky Drummer


This has it all! (you really need to make your rules more specific)


Don’t worry. Next thread I start I’m only accepting songs written in 7/8 or 13/4 timing that also happen to be in minor keys.


I don’t know if Howling Diablos qualifies as funk, but I love the drums on this song.

And another one-- I can’t find “Record Collection” (another great drum song) or their “It’s My Party” cover, so here’s “Funky Daddy” instead.