Drums of war



Thanks, HRC!



You say that like Obama’s second term got any better.


Well, at least he only invaded Syria a little bit.

It could’ve been worse.


All mostly true, and yet the GOP still maintained (and maintains) that Lybia should have been a complete take over like Iraq. Right now we’re basically lucky they are so fixated with Iran.


Fighting against peace to own the GOP:

The problem is the empire.




The US State Department were hyping this on their Arabic Twitter yesterday, BTW:

…and Al Arabiya is to Saudi Arabia as RT is to Russia. This was most likely a coordinated US/Saudi attempt at justifying aggression towards Iran.




That was unusually overt about the imperialism.


This one quote really stuck with me:

President Trump should give diplomacy a chance, but the calibration of what we saw in Singapore earlier tilted toward sadists worldwide. Kim Jong Un was rewarded for pushing the envelope just far enough to get his flag flown next to the United States, legitimizing his reign of terror.




SA had long since been legitimized. Trump’s gushing and fawning over Kim was just sickening but precisely what I expected.


In what way did Kim gain legitimacy from this?

He was already the internationally recognised leader of the DPRK; nobody is pretending that he suddenly transformed into a liberal democrat just because Trump said some vaguely diplomatic things for once. It’s an autocratic state, but that does not differentiate it from much of the rest of the world.

From the perspective of not-USA, the liberal complaints over “how dare they befoul our glorious banner of freedom by letting it be seen with that filthy rag of tyranny” are over-the-top ridiculous.


They’re both obnoxious emblems of murderous nationalism.



vy tozhe Yaponiya?