Drums of war


I’d go with
Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?
but what do I know…





Freak’n Laser Beams!

" …Armed Police units may soon have a new weapon, a portable laser beam that can reach targets from a kilometer away and is powerful enough to set flammable things on fire."


Chinese SF guns are doing quite well lately:

However, this one may be a little overhyped:


That’s Russia Today, ie. not a reliable source on pretty much anything.


They are not the source: “…according to a South China Post report.”

I’d take each with a grain of salt.



Not the best source on anonymous CIA sources there:


john stockwell is a pretty good source for cia related information but glenn greenwald has lost almost all credibility over the past 4 or 5 years, not as bad as julian assange but i’m still pretty dubious about most of what he writes.


Same here. The main function Greenwald serves these days is as one of a handful of high-profile progressive hypocrites that conservatives can point to when confronted with one of the thousands of hypocrites within their own punditocracy (e.g. self-described Libertarians who somehow always find a way to support GOP-led wars of choice).


i know. i’m so sick of the phraseology “even the liberal . . .”


It’s not Greenwald’s source in this case, even if his call for skepticism is hypocritical.


I know, I was just pointing out the hypocrisy. It seems like Greenwald has one standard for journalistic sourcing when it agrees with his despot-apologetic narrative, and another for when it doesn’t.


All caps. You know he means business. /s


As I saw someone point out on twitter, his MO seems pretty clear at this point: escalate tensions for no good reason, do nothing for a few months while tensions simmer along nicely, roll back previous rhetoric, claim diplomatic win for undoing the mess he himself created (despite the fact that the situation is still in a worse place even after he’s walked it back). So look forward to his historic diplomatic success in a few months, which will last just as long as it takes to for another crisis which he needs to distract from to develop.

The only good thing about this nonsense is that it’s unlikely to lead to all-out war, because the other global operators don’t seem to be as dumb as him. The only caveat to that is having Bolton in his ear now might increase the likelihood of actual conflict, there’s probably a reasonable chance he’ll be out on his ear like all the other administration officials before too long though.


Sick burn from Iran’s FM.