Drums of war


What could possibly go wrong?


So at what point do we start stockpiling Iostat and Geiger counters? Before the election a significant number of his supporters thought he would start a nuclear war and voted for him anyway. Could be that they were prescient?



I’m a little disappointed that Geiger Counters do not look like they used to.


Yeah, I’d want one like those yellow Civil Defense models from the 1950ies. Not a thingy that plugs into a smartphone.



Put a disc on top of this one and you have the USS Enterprise.



Don’t know about you, but I will stand next to a valuable military target on that day and happily vaporize in the first exchanges. Fuck surviving in that world afterwards.


That’s probably the best option, however given my location, I am suspecting it will not be an option for me and mine.



I used to live near enough to one of those, but they’ve closed it.
And ever since the targeting systems have become much more accurate, the warhead yields have been dialled down; you can’t even gamble on being wiped out by the odd 30+ MT “device” somewhere in the neighbourhood anymore.



countless gay seamen

convince her to finger these individuals



Surely these were intentional. No one could be that innocent. Very much reminds of the “Settlers of Catan” bit from “Big Bang Theory.”



As it frequently happens, putting bigotry ahead of the common good.



Well… I mean, ideally, yeah? :wink:



Interesting podcast:

Negligence, corruption and death.


Just aired this on NPR yesterday. More of the brass shitting on the troops and then trying to cover it up. Surprising thing to me was in as much of a Navy town as Newport News is , these reporters were getting a remarkable amount of cooperation. It’s almost like people valued the lives of these sailors more than their own commanders did.


Six year old article, still completely valid.




Obscure history: