Drums of war






Incidentally, “let’s invade and take their oil” is not just a Republican thing:

The empire is bipartisan.




so that’s what they mean by “legitimate” :thinking:

time for a coup
legitimate constitutional democracy






remember that this is the same president who didn’t understand the risks involved in shutting down the government indefinitely, who didn’t even know there was any kind of portfolio of risks the department of energy managed, or how much greater danger the united states faces because he unilaterally abrogated the negotiated agreement with iran.

he has no more concept of what the risks are for proposals like this as he does of how to drive a firetruck or to mine coal, two other activities he pantomimed as he ran for the office. but the scariest thing is that he doesn’t even seem to want to know. i thought bush 43 was dangerously incurious for a president of the united states but by comparison to the current president bush 43 was an intellectual titan–and that is a phrase i never in my life expected to use.



I already posted this in the Trumpian Events thread, but it’s relevant here:

From 2017.



From 2010:



Ummm, what?? Even by right wing standards, that is pretty out there!


It’s not, same thinking (if you can call it that) that got you into Iraq.


So, this will end terribly right? It’s Afghanistan, I can’t see this working at all. Back to the pre 9/11 state at best in my opinion.