Drunk raccoons ransacking German homes

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@pesco - did you mean the opposite? the linked article says that they’re not native to germany


In 2019, a visibly drunk raccoon was seen stumbling around the Christmas markets in the city of Erfurt.

Watch out for the latrine, buddy; it has got one heck of a drop.

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Not just raccoons - Nazi raccoons. They were released into the wild near Frankfurt on the express command of Hermann Göring who headed up the Reich Forestry Office “to enrich the local fauna”.

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Think of it more like troops on leave from an allied airbase.
ETA: Nazi allies apparently :grimacing:

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ETA: I find it hilarious that the German word for “raccoon” is “Waschbär” (wash-bear)


Every german animal name is a variant of bear or pig.




There’s also Tier, or miscellaneous


…enriched fauna. Not that I recall on the list of mammals slowly coming to fight back in Florida against the swelling of Burmese Snek ranks. So I take it there’s cause for a Reinsulate Germany programme (that doesn’t suck.)

The Schnabeltier is definitely miscellaneous.


The strangest animal names have to be for turkeys which, in most European languages, have names with geographical origins - but never America.

So in the Nordics the name for a turkey is rooted in India; in Greece, they come from France and in Portugal they’re Peruvian (which gets partial credit for at least being in the right hemisphere).

Let Rob explain more in his excellent YouTube channel:

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Is there any evidence of these trash bandits using their tiny little furry ‘hands’ to manipulate beer a bottle cap lifter or the pop top on a beer can?
A draft beer handle I can see.

Kind of a crappy way to round that out - “the native american names are impossible to say”

Why not ask them?

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