Drunk Science: Charles Q. Choi explains speciation (and also orcs)


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And it only gets worse when you bring in organisms that reproduce asexually, like bacteria. Then there’s no interbreeding criterion at all, and many bacteria (or even wildflowers to a lesser extent) readily trade genes (for plants, even whole chromosomes) horizontally among species.

As for orcs and fictional halfbreed races like half-elves and half-goblins, the best explanation I’ve see actually came from HPMOR:

“I mean -” Harry said even more quietly, trying to figure out how to ask whether goblins had evolved from humans, or evolved from a common ancestor of humans like Homo erectus, or if goblins had been made out of humans somehow - if, say, they were still genetically human under a heritable enchantment whose magical effect was diluted if only one parent was a ‘goblin’, which would explain how interbreeding was possible, and in which case goblins would not be an incredibly valuable second data point for how intelligence had evolved in other species besides Homo sapiens - now that Harry thought about it, the goblins in Gringotts hadn’t seemed very much like genuinely alien, nonhuman intelligences, nothing like Dirdir or Puppeteers - “I mean, where did goblins come from, anyway?”


I’m too lazy to go get my earphones, but I could read the text… I like the idea of this thing, but 18 drinks is seriously too much.

Requires one or two orders of magnitude higher production values, but the best part of Drunk History is when the historical characters mutely act out their parts, lipsynching to the voice of the drunk history teacher.

You’re not missing out on much. He’s so drunk he’s not intelligible for about 80% of the time.
There’s a medium between sober and blacked out, Homer calls it professor Barney.

Professor Barney Gumble

No, actually, that’s a microphone problem. The mic we were using broke and we ended up having to film the whole thing with the audio from the camera. If you have headphones on (or good enough speakers) he’s actually completely intelligible. But the sound quality sucks, unfortunately.

Um, not on my machine… and the sound is via HDMI and my telly’s earphone socket into a 35W amp and some rocking JBLs. This is with everything maxed: http://youtu.be/_XDTnVUjiFA

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