Drunken Beverly Hills High School Commencement Address


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interesting fiction as humor?

I found this, but even it only explains so much: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/jul/23/manka-bros-take-media-by-storm-online-that-is/?page=all

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Hey, wait a minute - I work for that “fiction as humor” place? I feel like I’m real.

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Is this all part of an online larp or something?

@Jill You work for them?!?

Did you not notice how ‘Jill’ only posts links to there?


Just a link spammer, but at least it isnt a bot

but yeah, actually pointing that out rather than just ‘remaining’ a dedicated fan.

I dunno.

ZOMG, maybe it just achieved sentience!


@Jill Hoo-Wee! That was a protracted and difficult decision not to deface your topic title but I guess you have the ‘right’ (LOL, who am I?) to post these links in the links section; it’s a bit weird when you genuinely reply to a comment in a discussion and then end with, ‘…and here’s a mankabros video link outta nowhere’

Genuinely though, I am completley dumbfounded, WTF is mankabros? Looks like an alternate reality gaming resource or something. It is particularly… idiosyncratic.

I’m sorry but that is a sure sign you are not real. any real person working for a media mogul would have the feeling of realness sucked out of them after the first few days on the job! :slight_smile: unless you mean you have a real job posting links for a fictitious company, if so then yes i agree.

You never played Super Manka Bros? It was the most popular game on Pretendo…it often came bundled with Click Hunt.


Worse than that. They’re in sales.

I’m all for people sharing their work, there’s some awesome creative and techy types here. Give and take, sharing and learning is what builds a good community.
But when the only thing someone posts is repeated links shilling their blog, they are not a member of a community, but only here to leech from that community. It’s one way. It’s marketing.

And I’m with the late Bill Hicks on the subject of marketing.


Ooh, don’t confuse Sales and Marketing. I’ve upset people in Sales that way before :smile:


They’ll all be one and the same come the Glorious Day, bruvva. :smile:

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Nice. I’m a little more

without my coffee though.

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This thread is now about Metaphorical Politik

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As a fully paid-up Cultural Harpo-Marxist, that clip is relevant to my interests. :thumbsup:

Start the day with a really good laugh, is what I say. It keeps the neighbours a little bit worried about you. Now, time for caffeine… :coffee:


Hell, it’s dark where I am and I’m still brewing coffee.


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Just think of me as a person in a band trying to get you to see my show. Just handing out flyers on the street corners. I promise to be better about link baiting but I do want to help out my friends. Thank you for your understanding.

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