Drunken ice-cream man banned

The operator of an ice-cream van in south London was removed from his sweet beat after being charged with driving drunk. Parents concerned about the smell of alcohol summoned police, who found him to be over twice the legal driving limit. While this remains “relatively low” by British drunken-driving standards, the judge said that the… READ THE REST

Twice the legal driving limit is not “relatively low” by British drunken-driving standards", it is twice the limit.

I read that as “ban enacted on vendor of boozy ice-cream” not “ban enacted on boozed-up vendor of ice-cream”. The former would have been a shame - boozy ice-cream is very nice on a hot afternoon.

I just whipped up a couple of batches of heavily boozy ice-cream for a BBQ tomorrow. The headline had me intrigued, but a drunk ice-cream vendor is a lot less cool than a vendor of drunk ice-cream.

For the record it’s Creme-De-Menthe-Chocolate-Chip, and White Russian. Ten mutant points to anyone who can invent a better name for that second flavor.
Lebowski… Freeze? The Dude A La Modes? I got nothing.

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Go home, Creamsicle. You’re drunk.

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The Freeze-treat From Moscow?

“Edward Snowcone trapped in Moscow Airport Vodka”?

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I did too, and it got me thinking that I don’t think I’ve ever had boozy ice cream. Where does one acquire such a thing? I promise I won’t drive after consuming it.

Oooh, you could make ice cream with booze right in it, I hadn’t even thought of that - I suppose you’d just have to keep it a little colder. Next time I get out the ice cream maker, it’s science time!

I was just thinking of plain old ice cream, with plain old booze poured on top.

How unusual. Every ice-cream man I’ve ever known socially sold pot out of his truck. Alcohol, not so much.

I’m partial to the Ouzo/ Rum Raisin float.

There’s a tequila-flavored ice-cream made by some neverías in Mexico. In theory there’s no liquor in it, just the taste and additionally sweetened, and it’s damn good.

Then there’s this. Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake

Surprisingly, not as awful as you might expect.

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