Free ice cream


on the one hand a nice idea to improve police/citizens relationship

on the other hand


All I’ve got to say is pleasepleaseplease tell me that truck didn’t come from a civil asset forfeiture.


Well, if we can’t have egalitarian treatment by our constabulary, I guess we’ll settle for a free ice cream.


The cops are even arresting ice cream now.

Typical. I guess we need to start a hashtag.



I don’t think I’d be comfortable approaching either of those vehicles.


Free! Miniature tracking/listening device included!

Screw it, I am just keeping my free KLF ice cream from the 90s.

EDIT: No, I guess I am not keeping that ice cream anymore.


the ice truck was mostly funny and anyone not interested could simply ignore it. but this one is different: they stop drivers and explain it with some breach of rules.

not cool at all.


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