Dublin's permanent 'Dublinia' exhibit employs extreme realism


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Pooping in medieval times seems like hard work.

Wait until your 60’s, you’ll find out all about it.


Psyllium Husk


I enjoyed the extreme surrealism there:


Guinness factory exhibit. Go there for a free pint.


Is that meant to represent Peter O’Toole? Because the likeness isn’t quite perfect.


Haha, I saw this exact exhibit years ago. It was a highlight of our visit to Dublin. Looks like it hasn’t changed a bit. This poor guy has been straining for at least a decade.


I’d have expected the white house privy to be a bit more lavish based on the current occupant’s gilded tastes. Also, shouldn’t he be holding a phone with twitter on the screen?


Ha! I was just telling someone about this exhibit last weekend.


Magnesium 500 ml grms daily…


How many mü unze is this?


Sorry if you knew already, but the fish on a bicycle is from a Guinness TV ad.

I attended a conference hosted in the Guinness Storehouse a couple of years ago. I don’t drink, so the product was of limited interest (though when I did drink, I did tend to favour Guinness), but the building itself is worth a visit. The museum’s spread over 4-5 floors, IIRC, with a void in the middle in the shape of a vast pint glass; the head is a rooftop bar.


That’s where the photo was taken. It’s on display there.


Sorry; yes, I got that. :wink:

I suppose I was using your post as an excuse to tell everyone else to visit!



I went last year, great museum.
Also highly recommend the national museum of archaeology a block up from St. Stephen’s Green and the Little Museum of Dublin right on St. Stephen’s Green.


Take that, feminism!


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