Dumb anti-drug hysteria forced McDonalds to

For those interested in understanding somebody else’s point of view, this is how some gun owners feel about laws that make it illegal to have a pistol grip on a rifle.


Except that a coffee spoon can be used to, yknow, stir coffee. “Some gun owners” are miffed they can’t get RPGs yet. “Some gun owners” think Obama is going to take away their guns and give them to the Black Panthers. Not everything they think is a valid concern.


The world needs more people with a pair big enough to say “screw you, I won’t pull the $THING”.

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I’ve actually seen a fake short one made of silver or some other metal and worn as a pendant. This was like 30 years ago but I still remember it.

Pistol grips and McDonald’s coffee spoons have two things in common: they are both overwhelmingly used for legal purposes, and they both have been targeted by “lobbyists seeking a symbolic victory.”


I went into my kids’ bathroom the other night, and I was shocked to find a stack of little paper cups, right over by the medicine cabinet, that are perfect for measuring and consuming individual doses of dihydrogen monoxide.


It’s only a matter of time before some anonymous group starts distributing the specs so that anyone can 3-D print these things.


I use mine measuring out small amounts of metals (sometimes precious) for small batch alloying.

I guess I too count as a recreational chemist. (or materials scientist?)

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Oooooohhhhhhh!!! Tell more! Alloying? What for?

Varieties of interesting alloys cast in graphite molds mostly for furniture for custom knives, but some jewelry work as well. If you’re going to muck about with shakudo or even shibuichi, you want to make sure that you’ve got your weights perfect so you’re not potentially wasting precious metals on a mis-melt… There are so many cool simple alloys out there from historical sources to play with (who can say that they don’t want something made of electrum?).

Comes in real handy around Christmas (wife got a custom mokume ring) and birthdays.

Also, if you do any amount of precious metals recovery from electronics etc… then you’re going to want to have a very precise scale to make sure that you’re getting expected yields.


Nuh uh, this may seem ridiculous to you but it is life and death to those without any personal interests in life.

That sounds suspiciously like the kind of theory a global warming propagandist might purport.

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But wait, if you dilute insanity, it becomes even stronger. Look out, here comes the Global Homeopathic Insanity Pandemic!


That would be Kraft/Hellman’s good sir. According to my parents a lid was enough packed ground to fill the lid of a (glass) mayo jar.

For some reason that makes me imagine someone popping off the lid and not cleaning it, thus getting mayo all of their weed and ugh I just made myself sick.


They were great for lost-wax casting. That may be where those silver replicas came from.

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I was thinking and came up with a thought.

Measure the density of most common street drugs. Get volume-weight equivalents for most common doses. Lasercut holes to 2 or 3 mm acrylic with the equivalent volume, publish the DXF/SVG file (or just the diameter of the circles) to get more “coworkers”. Alternatively, just drill the holes.

Fill the holes with a modeling clay. Get blobs of malleable material with the equivalent volume of bad stuff. Test commonly available objects (spoons, nuts, empty plastic pill trays…) for having the same volume.

Then troll the “activists” by asking for banning all those super-common objects, causing a moral panic after panic until people tire of it all.

Edit: The same can be done easier, once the “bad” volumes are known, using water. Then we have multiple ways of measuring the container volume. Either by measuring the water volume, or its weight.


Uh huh. “Alloying”. Or as we used to call it freebasing!


Or what credit cards are really for!


Some people no longer wanted to be associated with a product that caused so much illness, social harm and death…so they used something else to take their drugs with.


What’s to keep someone from making spoons like that and selling them? Injection molding would take a lot to get started, but it seems like you could have plastic bags of these in grocery stores, like other plastic spoons. Just leave out everything that refers to McDonalds trade dress.

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