Dumb anti-drug hysteria forced McDonalds to



Completely overlooking the soda straws


I seem to recall those existing back in the 80s, but I guess Canada counts as “abroad”.

It seems hard to believe they would have survived one way or another, and not gone the same way as the styrofoam burger boxes (which I remember were repeatedly branded as a shocking affront to all things environmental). The straws surely represent a cost savings that easily outweighs whatever marketing benefit the spoons would have achieved.

This raises another question: how many billions of those plastic bibs with the McDonaldland characters might they have in stock? Considering Ronald et al. seem to have all but vanished otherwise, it seems unlikely they’re still producing them. Or are they?

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And besides, eliminating them killed any asides about McDonalds Coke Forks. Nowadays, no one gets that joke.

[quote]a DEA agent told the Columbus Dispatch that dealers were still using the “measurement” to dole out the drug. “A bundle of cocaine,” he clarified, “includes ten McSpoons.”

Oh, you mean a “bundle” = a gram? Yes, that must be derived from the existence of the McSpoon. How else would they come up with that arbitrary amount? Actually, the more I think about it, the entire metric system seems to be based on the drug trade. Thank goodness we in America still use the imperial system. Now if only we could track down the company that made that infamous “lid”…


OMG. I just had a crazy memory of my dad’s McDonald’s coffee habit when I was a kid. They had those… though maybe it wasn’t a spoon, but just a stirrer? But the top part was the same - I’m remembering how they felt and everything. Weird.

Now I’m thinking about my dead dad.


Can’t we discontinue dumb politicos? And the annoying pseudo-“activists”? The Nalepka type looks like she (he?) needs a Laurel&Hardy grade pie-in-a-face.

Paraphernalia laws suck. Anything can be dual-used, and then one can apparently get in trouble for hypodermic needles intended for delivery of flux, solder paste, or oil.

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I remember these spoons, and never heard why they went away. If the banhammer continued to smash ordinary objects into the realm of “paraphernalia,” where would it have ended? Soda and beer cans? Bear-shaped honey containers? All spoons? Apples?


they’ll take away honey bears from our cold dead hands.


What about some fake campaign along the lines of the dihydrogen monoxide scare? The activists are apparently fairly dumb and could be liable to go along with it, albeit unwittingly.

You mean cold, dead, “sticky” hands.


I’m a trifle surprised that the anti-‘paraphenalia’ squad isn’t shitting themselves in public over how cheap and easy it is to get (fairly accurate, by the standards of anyone who isn’t a hardcore analytical chemist) solid-state-sensor-based scales for accurately measuring small quantities.

I certainly get the impression that not all such scales are being sold the jewelers and non-recreational chemists.


pretty sure the whole edifice is sort of going to the extremes now: legal pot in more and more states, no-knock SWAT teams machine-gunning puppies in the rest of them.


Maybe the amount of insanity is constant, and is now just being diluted somewhere and concentrating elsewhere?


I saw a howto in an old electronics magazine for making a highly accurate scale from an optical gate (razor blade attached to the speaker cone, in a light beam) and a speaker. The beam intensity was reduced by the blade to a constant fraction (so the blade was in an exact position), the control loop was feeding current to the speaker coil to lift it until the balance was set. The current through the coil equals the lifting force needed, equals the load on the membrane, equals the amount being measured.

We don’t even need a solid state sensor, all we need for precision scales is a broken thrown-away TV set, a multimeter, and a conversion factor.

Take THAT, paraphernalia crusaders!


I use mine for molecular gastronomy. I’m more of a recreational chemist.


Two level ones used to make up a tenner bag of heroin. We haven’t had them in maccy dees for years back in the Motherland, Rob. Probably for similar reasons, tho I dunno for sure.

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Don’t tell these people that some folks roll up a dollar bill to make a crude straw with which to inhale said naughty chemicals. They’ll outlaw cash!


They call that “civil forfeiture”.


And here I thought Dunkin Donuts withdrawing an ad because Rachael Ray was wearing a “terrorist scarf” was the stupidest thing I would ever…well, I gotta admit that’s still astoundingly stupid.