Dune (2021) with Dune (1984)'s shield SFX

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Corridor Digital consistently does interesting stuff.

I don’t particularly like their “gorified” vfx episodes (I like the idea but it’s usually not done well), but this one was hugely interesting both from analysis of rotoscoping techniques and two techniques to solve a single problem with comparison. They took themselves seriously and it shows - it’s awesome.

The original shield effect was done by Jeffrey Burks and Richard Malzahn. It took nine months of hand drawn animation. And I have to say, unlike the shields in the new movie - it still looks unique.

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Paul wouldn’t be using a shield on the edge of the desert because shield frequencies antagonize and attract the worms. They hate shields and will attack anyone wearing one with ferocious force. I kind of like the original shield animation. So, CGI technology has gotten better? What tech hasn’t? I tried to watch the beginning of the new Dune, and as soon as it started with Chani grimly whining about the Harkonnan, I couldn’t continue. No Fremen would whinge like that. They just quietly wait for their moment. The TV miniseries is the best production.

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The new dune, just does not do it for me, its long its slow, its drawn out, its more like a picture book that a film at times.

Great video!
I get the need to make money, but seriously there so much boosting of that laptop in this video and it’s so drawn out it starts to feel like the whole thing is a late night infomercial.

This is seriously the kind of geekery that I love BB covering, and now I have a whole new channel to watch on Youtube as a result. Thanks, Rob!


Cats love that part.

Random kitty: “Everybody’s blocking boxing right now!”

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