During the siege of Leningrad, nine botanists starved to death protecting a storehouse of edible crops

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literally starved to death protecting tons of treasured food.

Tough way to go.


To be fair, from what I understand things operated in an opposite way back in Soviet Russia.


Isn’t that how Hotdogastan was founded?


To be clear, they were protecting seed stocks and other goods necessary to restart agriculture projects for the following year, not sitting in front of a store filled with bread.

Considering Stalin would later hand everything over to that fucking idiot Lysenko, maybe they shouldn’t have bothered.


This man is a hero you’ve never heard of. Very interesting story. The Soviet Union’s approved theories on genetics were a travesty. Even late into the Cold War (post destalinization), Ken Alibek, the former Soviet bioweaponeer remarked on how idiotic it was that Mendelian genetics was still taught as a “capitalist science.”

I think about this every time that some right winger goes off on “the liberal theory of climate change.” Historically expecting science to accord with your political philosophy tends to end badly for everyone.


…it might as well have been soylent green

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Like all those poor tribbles on Space Station K-7.

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There’s a pretty good historical novel about this incident – Elise Blackwell’s “Hunger”.

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