During World War II Michelangelo's David was protected in a brick "beehive"

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One lasting legacy of the war’s impact on Florence is that the retreating Nazis destroyed most of the Renaissance-era bridges (Ponte Vecchio being the exception) to slow the Allied forces.

In the end this barely even inconvenienced the Allies since they had mobile bridging equipment to cross the Arno.


The ultimate codpiece.


A codpiece that looks like a wang. Dickception


Do headline writers have no idea at all how to get maximum clicks?

"Full body brick condom covers Michelangelo’s big marble thing."


If you like this sort of thing, the 2006 documentary The Rape of Europa is chock-full of this stuff, how art and architecture was preserved and squandered during WW2. The fictionalized Monuments Men that followed was all right, but nothing near as impressive as the documentary.

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I have seen pictures of the statue of David many times, but they must have always been of just the statue. I had assumed that the statue was 1 to 1 scale, human sized.

It was a bit of a shock to realize that it is 17 feet tall. Marvelous bit of marble, that.


If David is 17 feet tall, then how tall would Goliath have been?


17 meters? I don’t understand the metric system, but I’m pretty sure 17 meters is right for a Goliath.

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This site goes into a lot of detail, and figures he was about 6’9"

Which now when we consider that David was 17’ tall it hardly seems like a fair fight.

Yeah, Michelangelo’s contemporaries referred to the project as “The Giant” during the years he spent working on it. Which just underscores that even though it’s easily one of the most impressive sculptures in the history of the world it still makes zero sense given its supposed subject matter.

David was supposed to be a shepherd boy who was turned away from joining the army for being so small and scrawny. Think Steve Rogers before the serum. The only way a guy who looked like that would be deemed physically unfit for military service would be if the rest of the army decided he was too beautiful to risk maiming in combat.

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