Dylan Farrow speaks on TV for first time about her sexual assault allegations against Woody Allen

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I really don’t get how he’s escaped a public lynching for so long. I mean, Dylan’s testimony aside, he still publicly abused his paternal relationship with her adopted sibling. How anyone believes his denials is beyond me. Thankfully, how he was given a pass by his work colleagues and admirers has become all too clear lately.

Also, Annie Hall is not the great film it’s made to be. Nor is Manhattan or any of his other films. Sure, they were pretty innovative and often well-written (though just as often disasters on all fronts), but I never once found myself moved by any of his self-involved, neurotic and self-delusional characters. It’s about time for him to burn.


Calling Allen fucking his step daughter “an affair” should win understatement of the year


Allen is just lucky that Farrow isn’t the type of mother that I am; were it me, he’d be nothing but a distant memory, and I’d likely be a famous inmate somewhere.


As somebody who was ignorant of the details before this article, I didn’t realize that these were two separate incidents.

Of course I’d heard that he had married/whatever his adopted daughter. I was a teenager in the 90’s when I first heard about it, and being ignorant, didn’t realize why that relationship was inherently abusive; if it wasn’t a blood relation it was fine. I was, to put it lightly, an idiot, but I probably wasn’t the only one.

When I heard that he’d been accused of something bad with a child in his care, I’d assumed it was just a re-hash of the original story. This is horrible beyond words, right up there with Marion Zimmer Bradley.

May his name is forever associated with being a child abuser, and the asterisk on that being that he WAS an acclaimed director as well, not the other way around.


But like I said, I never molested my daughter. I only married the daughter of the woman I was in a long-term committed relationship with, and refer to myself as my wife’s ‘father-figure.’ Also I write story after story involving middle aged men in sexual relationships with teenage girls


People with paraphilias tend to be pretty specific about their desires. Is it right to conclude that a man with a paraphilia for teenagers must also have one for seven year olds?


How anyone believes his denials is beyond me.

The courts did.

Not really. Prosecution declined to bring charges. The courts rulings, including during custody hearings, were pretty damning all around.

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For some context:

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Noooooo. Aw shit.

I love that Greta Gerwig is cited as the “most prominent” voice to speak out against him. She has had a hell of a few years and it seems that the public is catching up now.

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