Woody Allen HBO docuseries on director's sexual abuse allegations

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Hm. I wonder what the difference is? :thinking: /s


The complacent film industry’s shameless pursuit of cast and crew credits on a big name film and NDA’s. Some people have this delusion of practically zero limits up until the point people blow that damn whistle.
Aaaand he’s a cis white male who’s pursuit of intellectualism has made him feel like societal norms surrounding sexual attraction don’t apply to him.


You did see my /s, right? I was aware of that… but thanks, I guess?


I really don’t understand why anything more needs to be said to persuade people. I’ve even heard people say that because he hadn’t adopted her legally it was somehow not as grievous as it sounds.

It’s not like there’s a shortage of comedians that we can’t afford to lose one. Honestly, I would say that the new era of SNL (and the original cast), pretty definitively proves that a) women are hilarious and can totally pull more than their weight in an ensemble as opposed to being a “muse” with a few good lines and b) the reason there aren’t more women who became directors or major film actors is because of creeps like Allen crappin’ up the works. Not that there wasn’t evidence of this long before, but it just sucks to think of all of the actually-relevant comedy we missed out on (sorry, late ‘70s anxiety comedies have not aged well, imo).


Maybe you can mansplain why all Woody Allen movies are about creepy wannabe-sexual relationships centred around old white guys chasing age-inappropriate women?

I know a lot about sex but I was afraid to ask.


Maybe they just wanted to squeeze every last movie out of the this guy because these themes put butts in theatre seats… and now that his last few films have been flops and no theatre can put butts in seats legally, they can finally go after him because the cash flow just isn’t what it used to be.


I’m with you on this one, brother! I can see the appeal of a few of the Allen movies but the whole “anxiety comedy” genre (does he even make any other kind of movie?) gets old fast.

The only Allen movie I can recall genuinely liking was Bullets over Broadway - Wikipedia and mostly because the Wiest / Cusack chemistry was so :100:


So, no then?


[raises hand]

Ooh, ooh, I know! He’s Jewish? No? Nebbish?

[slinks away]

Not sure. Maybe we could ask Roman Polanski.


Who would have thought that films about self-absorbed narcissists wouldn’t have broad appeal? But hey, we wouldn’t have had Friends without it!


That’s… really funny.

The fact is that this is 99% happening because of Ronan’s steadfast dedication to Dylan’s truth (his sister). She was dragged from the get-go along with their mother and all the classic marginalizing tactics were there; she seduced him :face_vomiting:, she’s a pathological liar, she’s had substance abuse issues. It’s rare and laudable and I’m hoping this doesn’t just end up being a both sides “just layin’ out the facts… you decide” garbage pile like Tiger King (or whatever it’s called; didn’t watch it and after everything I heard I won’t ever).


I can understand how Woody Allen movies still get made; Hollywood is still an old boys club after all.

What I can’t understand is this: why do people still watch his movies? I mean, at what point does the moviegoing public stop saying, “Oh hey, the guy who married his daughter and molested his other daughter made a new movie. Let’s go see that.” And his movies aren’t even that good.


The only Woody Allen film I’ve enjoyed was What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, possibly because he was (mostly) not in it. He also hates it apparently – considering that none of it is about him or his personal neuroses and obsessions, that may be why.

I did enjoy his short absurdist non-fiction in college; I don’t think I’ll bother to read it again.


This of course. A better analogue as a result would be Roman Polanski, whose defenders are willfully ignorant about what he did. Mostly, the film industry kind of pretends like it never happened.

I think this sort of selective outrage must be rampant in the film industry. See: Ricky Gervais’ golden globes speech, where he cracked a joke about “Ronan Farrow is coming for you all”. UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE.


as true as your comment about friends is you seem to have forgotten that self-absorbed narcissists are so popular that 75,000,000 americans voted to give one a second term :crazy_face:



Oof that Ronan Farrow bit blazed right by me as I couldn’t stop trying to imagine whether or not Judi Dench laughed.

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