Dylan Farrow wonders why Woody Allen still gets away with it

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If a court isn’t willing to convict these people, why should anyone else be expected to do anything?

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Because prosecution and conviction is an unreasonable standard for believing victims of crimes, for committing to the very minor remedies of firing a creep or refusing to work with him for fame and fortune’s sake.

It is a reasonable standard for putting them in prison, though, I’ll give you that!


If you knew someone had a history of sexually assaulting your family, friends and coworkers would you just advise everyone to let it slide until that person was convicted of a crime in a court if law?

Weinstein still hasn’t even been charged with a crime and people don’t seem to have a problem cutting ties with him.


Woody Allen has lost his talent as a director, in my opinion. He’s now just producing incoherent potboilers that let him travel the world finding new victims. Poor old man. This is what happens when you lie to yourself & the world consistently.

Contrast with Al Franken, whose resignation cost us an intelligent & dedicated representative.


I only like his older funny films.


Well last i read a 7th woman had come forward with allegations against Franken so it’s apparently not just over a single sophomoric joke.


Franken didn’t resign over a joke. He resigned due to pressure from his own party’s leadership after a significant number of credible witnesses came forward describing a pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior over a span of many years.


Perhaps, but the trial over the molestation of Dylan was pretty well botched. Frankly both Woody and Mia belong behind bars, though him probably more so.


As this has already been to court and Woody Allen has been found not guilty i’m guessing that is why. for a good read on the matter try this piece: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-woody-allen-allegations-not-so-fast


Bill Cosby seems to laying way the fuck low these days since all these harassment and assault stories have been breaking. Nary a peep. Hmmm


Speaking of “it’s been in court”…


He hasn’t had any other “victims” before or after. Not the usual pattern but hey if you know something the rest of us don’t…

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“…still gets away with it” implies Woody Allen is currently molesting children. Is he?

So far we have one accusation, and I think when an accusation like that is made our instinct is to assume it’s true. There’s definitely a lot of weirdness surrounding the whole thing, and I am perfectly willing to believe he’s guilty if proven so (or if more accusers come forward), but basically I have to consider Woody Allen as maybe a creep, but not guilty of a crime until something more definitive comes out. I also have look at Mia Farrow and wonder if she had ulterior motives in that whole mess.


Because you have moral agency. At least I assume this to be the case.


I’ve heard about this guy off and on during my life (born in early 80’s); so, just now I pulled up his wikipedia page. Haven’t seen a single film, scarcely even heard of any. Does this make me unsophisticated or something? I swear I haven’t been living under a rock!

Well, I’ve got a very long and ever-expanding list of films to view, don’t care much who he inspired or what a genius he is…forget it

I think if you read Dylan Farrow’s account (see below), you might reconsider.

This is also a good read on the matter: https://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/02/01/an-open-letter-from-dylan-farrow/


I was born at the end of the 60s, and I came here mostly just to say that I’ve always loathed Woody Allen. He’s a fucking tired old trope, and has been (IMHO) since he was a young man. And he’s a serious creep…which failed to surprise me in the least when all this crap started coming to light. Who the actual fuck can condone a man marrying his stepdaughter, a kid some 35 years younger…?


I would buy a ticket to a Cosby gig, just so I could shout “rapist” before every punchline.


seven people have come forward.