Dyson announces robot vacuum

I love the “science” angle to the promo text. It uses TRIGONOMETRY!


Mine’s a newer model and in the year or so I’ve had it I’ve had no problems and am very happy with it. Maybe Mr Wham had a faulty unit?

[Disclaimer: I’ve not tried vacuuming coins or Legos.]

I’ve had several, and despised them all. If they were, like, fifty quid, they’d be okay, but they seem to disintegrate quite fast for something that is a fair chunk of a week’s wages for most folk.

Perhaps there is room to incorporate the baseball cap bat’leth.

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developed over more than 100,000 hours by 31 robotic software engineers

Hurray, finally a unit for quality measurement.

It doesn’t sound any better than my Neato XV Signature Pro. I love that thing.

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