Dyson announces robot vacuum




The real test is how many kittens can it safely and hilariously transport on its back.


Doesn’t look like it has a wedge, so I am doubting it’s battling pedigree…


The question is will it be self cleaning. It should be independent enough to run for a month without human support. Really something that self charges and self empties/cleans should be able to go 3-6 months.


I heard it sucks.


It looks like it should live up to the Dyson name for suction, but I think they made a mistake making it so tall - my Neato XV-11 is really good at getting dust bunnies and hairballs out from under the bed and under the sofa, and the Dyson wouldn’t be able to do that.


Not like an electrolux…


So, it’ll cost 4 times as much as a regular robot vacuum, and look twice as cool, but do the job 1.25 times as well.


I, for one…


Fracking Vacuums!


How can we even talk about battling vacuums if they aren’t first weaponized?


It’s a Dyson; it will fall apart almost immediately, and prior to that, clog its filters on a daily basis upon encountering something as obstructive as, say, a penny or a two- stud Lego brick. In short, they’re fucking shit.


The 360 Eye “sees” its surroundings using a vision system developed over more than 100,000 hours by 31 robotic software engineers, according to Dyson. The camera atop the circular machine takes up to 30 frames per second to help the vacuum interpret its environment.

But can it also be integrated into existing home security systems?


Can it be integrated into existing NSA surveillance systems?


Yeah, that appears to be a problem. I have enough of a problem with my roomba getting wedged under my dresser. (I really need to buy some blocks and raise it up an inch)


Caturday comes early for @xeni !


Huh. I have one of the first generation Dysons introduced to the US (which is really second generation compared to the UK iirc) and never had a problem with filters clogging. Maybe I don’t vacuum enough?


We have a DC02 bought in 1998 which is still going strong. Only time we had a problem with it was when we trusted No1 son to empty it and he threw the cyclone bit out with the dust … Quick call to Dyson and they came and replaced the part and refurbished it as well.


I am sure the NSA is well ahead of you on that one.


Can it climb and clean stairs? If so, I’m sold.