Earrings with hidden handcuff shim


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I fail to see how you get to the shim when you hands are cuffed though.


Your companion does that part. Or did you forget about the buddy-system?


I have something similar to get me out of cuffs, I got it from my mom and dad when I was born.



I hope this pick is good for the fashion police handcuffs. Because that’s who is coming after me if I wear that earring.


I am flexible enough and have long enough arms where I can grab my wrists over my shoulder. I can almost but not quite touch my ears with my hands behind my back. I don’t know how I’d do with dangly earrings, because I’ve never worn any.


Earrings? They look more like ear wings.


Just because it is called an earring, doesn’t mean that you have to wear it there…


Happy Birthday!


Thank you. Fingers crossed I get a dangly lock picking earring. :slight_smile:


Yeah but if I put in my other piercing it will get caught up in the underwear…err umm. (no I really don’t have that, I am boring)


Great… Given the usual “cuff behind the back” thing, I can just see going to a piercer:

“Yeah, I need to get my ass pierced”

“um… why?”

“I’ve got this awesome golden wings earring I need to hide back there for when I get arrested”.

“Uh, no. Go away.”


99% of us canNOTT reach our earrings with our hand cuffed from behind…

Just put a slit in the back of your belt and hide this in there…Then PRAY to have gotten it out before being put into the car; afterwhich you’re w/in their custody/cages


Use your tongue to get it out of your earlobe, then spit it into your hand.


Just how easy is it to shim handcuffs open, anyway? Behind your back? While handcuffed?

Sounds like skill check penalty conditions to me.



i knew a young lady who swollowed a slug…

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