Look at the size of this demonstration handcuff

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I suspect the primary benefit of spreading awareness of the weaknesses of shimmable and keyed-alike handcuffs will be to improve the bottom line for companies selling improved cuffs to law-enforcement.

Or at the least, awareness among cuff users of how the double-lock (built into nearly every non-recreational handcuff) prevents shimming.


What class do they teach this in High School? Sounds more fun than half my classes.


And can I send my children there?


I guess you need giant ‘demonstration’ Ty-raps’ to open them up, eh.

Useful for every lawinforsment/protest scenario involving restraint… except for zip ties/riot cuffs/wrist ties (what cops use) and double lock cuffs (also what cops use).

To be fair it’s a good start and sounds like a fun class, but if you are going to cover escape from restraint (Whether in the cases of being arrested during a protest, kidnapping, rape, etc.) you should go all the way and not just cover standard consumer handcuffs.

I think you’ve also got to drum in the common sense side of it, as well. If you shimmy your cuffs in the back of a police car the cops will not think you’re charmingly funny and know a neat trick.

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I was thinking more along the lines of getting zip tied and thrown up against a wall during a protest, but your point still stands.

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