"Earthquake" off Daytona Beach, Florida was really military test

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I wouldn’t put much credibility on the military knowledge of someone who sees a photo of an underwater explosion and says “that’s a smoking gun”.

Anyway, be careful with metaphors, because the next thing is the NRA will be demanding the right of small boat owners to operate magnetic mines, because the only thing that stops a bad Iranian with a fast boat is a good guy with a load of sonar buoys, mines, and homing torpedoes.

Never mind that, this proves Alex Jones was right all along. Chemtrails! Chemtrails!

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Maybe more info than you need:

The Navy, according to the permit, is required to have at least 10 marine mammal observers on board aircraft or multiple vessels during the exercise. The marine mammal stranding network along the Southeast coast has been advised to be on the lookout for any unusual marine mammal strandings.

The Fisheries Service reported that a team of observers found no mortalities, injuries to or strandings of marine mammals or sea turtles in 2008 during similar testing on the USS Mesa Verde.

That was my first thought, nice to see it occurred to them too.

Here’s a better picture of the ship btw:


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