Last night's UFO over California was a rocket test, says Navy


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So what are we talking here? 50, 60% chance this was some kind of James Bond supervillain’s plot, barely averted when the warhead circuits were remotely cancelled an instant before Global Thermonuclear War broke out?


Rocket test. Well that’s better than swamp gas, I suppose.


“What with social media being a thing now . . .”

Maybe that is part of the test.


I didn’t think much of Catalina Island either, but nuking it?


Pssht. Of course that’s what they would say.


Rest peacefully citizens!


Well its good to know that James was probably on a liferaft having sex with a super hot nuclear scientist last night.
Good for him.


I like the idea of continuing the activity without telling Californians what is happening, because it keeps the rest of us entertained. Good god, that was weird.


Don’t people know a weather balloon when they see one?


Are they sure they don’t want to go with the usual “weather balloon”? :smile:
It could have been “ball lightening”!



We saw it all the way from Tucson, AZ. My first thought was “that’s a really weird moon” followed by “what the actual??”


I usually spell that last word without an “e.” Or, have I misconstrued?


LOL. You are correct, I meant the electricity from the sky, not the lightening of anyones balls.

Although there have been some strange sightings reported in the sky lately!!!

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