Earth's magnetic poles may be getting ready to flip


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I rather enjoyed The Core. It is a fun popcorn romp movie.

So onto more important questions…if the poles swap, which way will my toilet water flush again?


Same way. That’s gravity, not magnetism; unless you poop like Nibbler, you’ll be fine.


I love this NYT review of The Core: “The brazen silliness of The Core is becalming and inauthentic, like taking a bath in nondairy coffee creamer. The Earth core’s inability to turn is mirrored in the cast’s inability to give the picture any spin.”


It’s those people making over-unity magnetic motor/generators – they’re sucking all the power out of magnetism!


I’m buying stock in airport runway painting companies right now.


“… harm or otherwise kill…”

fify - other movie


Quirks and Quarks had a good segment on this, for those who enjoy audio content. Plus there is a transcript here:

By good, I do mean utterly terrifying.


And highway sign companies.


are you sure…I’m freakin’ out over here!!!



This is great news for the prepper industrial complex
I’m buying shares of Infowars stock!


Australia will have to change its nickname to Up Over.


Wouldn’t that also vastly increase the risk solar storms pose to transmission grids?


It’s the time during a reversal that is fucking scary:


The silver lining is “(t)he reversal might happen, or it might be aborted — Earth is too complex a system for scientists to know which outcome to expect. Either way, the process will drag on over the next few thousand years, giving us time to adjust to the changes.”


I don’t see a source for the claim in the headline.


The millenium bug, african killer bees from central america, a smorgasbord of asteroids, chemtrails, magnetic poles flipping, you name it, north americans just luv their apocalyptic scenarios (and to buy ALL THE WATER+BATTERIES at the supermarket) :wink:


My son wants to buy a compass… I suppose I should hold off until the new models are released (I am guessing this means they’ll have to paint the other side of the pointer…?)


I had to look that up.


Give or take a few billion years, but who’s to say really.


So how long does a reversal take? Any ideas?