Earthworm sex is quite romantic (video)

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Let me get this right…
Worms reproduce in a 69 position?

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Last summer, I was sitting at night around a campfire in a lightly wooded area. There were some leaves on the ground from the previous year, dry with the summer heat. I’d been out there frequently through the season, so I was familiar with the typical sounds of night.

This evening in particular, I kept hearing the leaves rattle. I figured I’d been joined by some field mice or the local shrews and kept trying to catch a glimpse, but couldn’t see anything.

Finally, I decided to shine a light. The leaves were rustling over the whole area, and I could see dozens or hundreds of earthworms. So strange, as I’d never heard them before and couldn’t imagine why so many were above ground.

I looked closer, and each was actually a slimy pair. Dozens and dozens of earthworms getting it on. Apparently it was the perfect night for that sort of thing.

tl;dr I watched an earthworm orgy last summer


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Way to set the scene, there!

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YARN | Don't you know what it means to become an orgy guy? | Seinfeld (1989) - S06E10 The Race | Video clips by quotes | 369c44ae | 紗


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